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Tenacious Defense Against Tax Fraud Charges In South Carolina

Tax-related criminal charges are very serious. Not only are there harsh penalties on the line, but you could also be dealing with state and federal law enforcement agencies that devote massive resources to prosecuting tax offenses.

I am William Yarborough, and I am a former assistant U.S. attorney and state prosecutor in South Carolina. I know very well what you are up against. As a criminal defense lawyer, I will work diligently to defend your rights, whether that involves negotiating outside of court or launching a fierce defense at trial.

25 Years Of Legal Experience On Your Side When You Need It Most

I have over two decades of experience on both sides of the court. This unique perspective makes me uniquely qualified to craft effective defense strategies, no matter what type of tax offense or white collar crime you are facing.

I founded my law firm to defend Greenville residents against:

The U.S. tax code is notoriously complex and dense. As such, people make mistakes, whether they are individuals, employers or tax preparers.

If you think you have made a mistake or the government is wrongfully accusing you of misconduct, you need a fierce defense led by a seasoned tax fraud defense lawyer to protect yourself, your freedom and your future. With my extensive experience in tax law and the resources I have amassed throughout my lengthy career, I am well-positioned to help you overcome this difficult time.

What Are The Penalties For Tax Offenses?

If you are accused of failing to pay taxes or making false or misleading statements, you must take your defense seriously. The penalties for these and other tax-related criminal charges can be severe at both the state and federal levels.

Both misdemeanors and felonies can trigger imprisonment and fines. You may also need to pay court fees and restitution, and your professional licenses could be at risk.

Call Today To Discuss Your Criminal Tax Charges

Contact William G. Yarborough Attorney at Law to schedule a free consultation at 864-326-3026 or send me an email. My office is in downtown Greenville, and I serve clients throughout the Midlands and upstate South Carolina.