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Protect Yourself Against Embezzlement Charges

Depending on the amount of money in question or the value of missing property, embezzlement can be a serious crime with devastating consequences if convicted. It is imperative that you protect yourself by contacting an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.

I am William G. Yarborough Attorney at Law, an experienced South Carolina embezzlement lawyer. I have extensive experience guiding clients through the full range of white collar crimes, including embezzlement, fraud and securities fraud. I understand the social stigma that is attached to being charged with embezzlement. I will aggressively fight to have your charges reduced or dismissed altogether. Count on me to shield you from consequences such as jail time, fines, restitution or community service.

Greenville Lawyer Handling Employee Theft Charges

Many people equate employee theft with embezzlement. Whether the charge involves taking money from a cash register, credit card fraud or the theft of store property, I will tailor a defense to your specific needs. I understand what is at stake, and I will diligently fight on your behalf through all stages of the legal process.

Additionally, I have experience providing legal advice and representation to companies through these matters. Through the history of my practice, I have been called upon to help companies structure beneficial settlements so they can recover monetary compensation following the employee embezzlement.

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If you need experienced embezzlement defense, do not hesitate to contact William G. Yarborough Attorney at Law. The firm can be reached by calling 864-326-3026 or by completing the online contact form on this website. Initial consultations are free, and I offer structured fee arrangements with negotiable fees based on your charge. My office is conveniently located in downtown Greenville near the BI-LO Center.