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Unauthorized drivers of rental cars have privacy rights

Some people in South Carolina allow their friends or family members to drive rental cars for which they are not the authorized drivers. When unauthorized drivers are stopped by the police, the police might search the cars. The Supreme Court issued a ruling on May 14 that law enforcement officers cannot search rental vehicles that are being driven by unauthorized drivers without having a warrant or probable cause to believe that the cars contain evidence of crimes.

The case that was heard by the Supreme Court of the United States involved a man who was stopped while he was driving a car that had been rented by his fiancee. Police officers searched the vehicle, including the trunk, without a warrant after they claimed that he acted nervously and said that he had a marijuana cigarette. They found body armor and a large quantity of heroin in the trunk, and the man was later convicted and sentenced to 10 years in prison.

What to expect if you’re caught with marijuana in South Carolina

Marijuana laws are incredibly different from one state to another. The entire West coast has legalized the drug for recreational use. Large parts of the country have legalized it for medical use, assuming the patient meets certain requirements. Other states have decriminalized possession to be a simple fine.

In South Carolina, however, marijuana is still very much illegal and comes with stiff penalties. Being caught with any amount of the drug can mean anything from heavy fines to extensive incarceration.

How to handle a Medicare fraud investigation

As a medical professional, you are committed to providing your patients the best possible care. Part of your care includes filing necessary paperwork with insurance companies and Medicare. Unfortunately, paperwork errors sometimes occur. With the federal government trying to crack down on Medicare fraud, you may find yourself facing charges because of an unintended mistake.

You do not have to let an accusation of misconduct ruin your career.

Argument over video games leads to murder

Law enforcement officers in South Carolina reported that a 19-year-old man shot and killed a 31-year-old man after the two argued while playing video games. The incident happened at a Rodeway Inn in Charleston on April 27.

According to the North Charleston Police Department, the two men were playing video games when they started arguing. The 19-year-old man then reportedly pulled out a gun and shot the 31-year-old man twice before allegedly fleeing. Officers reported that he left the door open to the hotel room, and motel staff found the man dead inside.

How simple mistakes may be viewed as criminal acts

As the federal income tax deadline has passed, you may not be feeling the pressure filing for an extension if you haven’t filed a return. For those who fear the power of the federal government, procrastination only breeds fear and desperation. And this could lead to questionable choices in the future.

Regardless of what you do, or the mistakes you may make going forward, how they are viewed by federal investigators can be the difference between having to pay penalties and interest and ending up behind bars. This is because the IRS may consider your actions willful and intentional as opposed to genuine ignorance or neglect.

False information, misrepresentation and securities fraud charges

Securities fraud occurs when information used by investors to make decisions is misrepresented by an individual or an entity. The misrepresentation is frequently used to manipulate financial markets to gain a financial advantage.

The many forms of fraud

Man on trial for insider trading after passing government info

People in South Carolina might be interested in a trial that is currently pending in New York. The case involves a former federal employee who worked for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services before leaving to work at firms through which he was a consultant for hedge funds.

The man allegedly passed information that he learned from a friend who was still working for the government to a New York hedge fund called Deerfield Management. The information involved the government's plans to increase the reimbursement rates for kidney dialysis while lowering them for certain forms of cancer treatments. The hedge fund paid $832,000 to the consulting firm where the man worked and leveraged the information that it had received to make $3.5 million in trading profits.

Former South Carolina resort VP investigated for embezzlement

It is about a five-hour drive southeast of Greenville to Sea Pines Resort. The Hilton Head Island playground is known for its golf course and beaches. The vacation spot has recently made headlines after accusing a former executive of embezzling $1.4 million over a dozen years.

A recent news article states that the former VP is also under investigation for white collar crimes while he was in charge of food and beverage for the resort.

Mail versus wire: Understanding fraud charges and penalties

Fraud is defined as wrongful or criminal deception intended to result in financial or personal gain for the deceiver. Fraudulent acts involve misrepresentation, falsified information or deceit to gain a commodity or something of value. In criminal law, fraud offenses are most commonly associated with mail and wire fraud, both of which are federal crimes.

Fraud via a postal carrier

The law and facial recognition software

Most people are familiar with Facebook’s facial recognition software. When a friend uploads a picture, it’s common for Facebook to ask its users: is this you? The user gets to decide if they are “tagged,” but it’s still worth noting that a computer just identified a human individual from a picture. Some companies are taking facial recognition software to the real world. The CaliBurger chain in California has used it to let customers pay via their loyalty accounts. All they have to do is “sign in” by looking at a kiosk.

While it’s fun to play with new technology, there are also civil rights concerns. Half of Americans are already in a national security database. It’s like a police lineup to identify suspects, available at the click of a mouse. The photographs come from a variety of resources, including South Carolina driver’s licenses.

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