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Are roadside drug tests always reliable?

On Behalf of | Jul 5, 2023 | Drug Charges |

Being arrested for possession of drugs in South Carolina is a serious offense. These are charges that can result in probation, fines, and even time spent in prison. For this reason, you need to take these charges seriously. You may believe that you were arrested as the result of a faulty roadside drug test. If so, you can challenge these results.

Not all drug testing is necessarily accurate

Roadside testing is a method that the police use to determine who should be arrested on drug charges. These tests have been manufactured for the express purpose of revealing the presence of illegal drugs. They usually consist of several chemicals which can then be mixed with traces of illegal substances.

The idea is that, when the mixture takes place, the solution will turn a certain color. This will reveal whether the substance suspected of being cocaine or heroin is truly the genuine article. However, the results of these tests are not always accurate.

A recent test was done with chocolate standing in for heroin. The result was positive. As a result, the quality of the provided test kit was called into question. Further studies have shown that these kits are made in mass quantities. The materials that are used are not the most reliable.

You can challenge your drug test results

There is no reason to simply accept that your charges are ironclad. On the contrary, these roadside drug tests have been shown to be faulty on numerous occasions. This is why you have the option to make your response proactive. The fact that so many of these tests have proved to be unreliable can form a very significant part of your defense.

The time and place at which these results were gathered should be discussed. The level of experience that the arresting officer may have with these tests should also be examined. You may also wish to get clarification on how well this test has performed in the past. These are all factors which can help to cast doubt on whether you should be convicted.