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How should people in South Carolina respond to a drug arrest?

On Behalf of | May 9, 2023 | Drug Charges |

Even though drug offenses are often non-violent legal infractions, they still tend to carry quite a bit of social stigma. Research has helped clarify that a combination of genetic predisposition, family influence and personal trauma often play a large role in someone’s chemical dependence.

Many people now recognize that drug abuse often results from personal trauma or a recent medical issue that has caused ongoing pain. People are also more aware of how addiction can limit someone’s educational and employment opportunities. Despite growing awareness of how addiction starts and how it holds people back in life South Carolina still treats those arrested for the possession of prohibited or controlled substances like hardened criminals.

Often, those accused of a drug offense feel embarrassed and convince themselves that staying out of court as much as possible is the best way to reduce the damage that these charges will cause. However, for many accused individuals, there are two better options than just pleading guilty to avoid a criminal trial.

They defend themselves to protect their future

Someone may be able to offer a reasonable explanation for why police officers found drugs in their vehicle, or perhaps they have an alibi that can prove they were not the person involved in an illegal transfer of narcotics that took place under state surveillance.

Defense strategies in drug cases range from bringing in expert witnesses that challenge the validity of some evidence to asserting that a search was illegal and therefore the evidence gathered cannot play a role in a criminal trial. Those who successfully defend against drug charges don’t have to worry about a criminal record or any penalties imposed by the courts.

They have their case heard in drug court

The drug court system allows those who can connect their criminal charges to a substance abuse disorder to avoid criminal penalties for certain infractions. Drug court helps people enter treatment for their addiction, and if an individual completes the process successfully, they can avoid the criminal penalties typically assigned after a conviction for a drug offense.

Looking at every option when responding to pending drug charges can benefit those worried about their reputation and future after an arrest in South Carolina.