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April 2019 Archives

Prisoners exonerated in 2018 spent 1,639 years behind bars

South Carolina residents have likely read media stories about prisoners who were exonerated after spending years behind bars when witnesses recanted or DNA evidence proved their innocence. The National Registry of Exonerations keeps track of these cases, and its latest annual report reveals that the 151 prisoners exonerated in 2018 were incarcerated for a total of 1,639 years. This works out to about 11 years behind bars per exonerated prisoner and is the highest number observed since the organization began tracking this data in 1989.

What should young people know about swatting?

Anyone can make a mistake that results in criminal charges, but younger people are especially vulnerable to participating in actions they do not realize can have serious consequences, especially if their peers influence them. South Carolina residents who spend time gaming or in online discussions should understand the potential ramifications of a not-so-harmless prank called swatting.

Man charged with murder of college student

A 24-year-old man was charged with the death of a 21-year-old college student in South Carolina. The woman was reportedly at the Bird Dog bar on the night of March 29 when she hailed a ride from Uber after getting separated from her friends. When a black Chevy Impala arrived, the woman got into the vehicle thinking it was her ride.

Pink-collar crime – yes, it is a thing

The term “pink-collar crime” is familiar to fans of the hit CBS show of the same name, but a trendy title does not lessen the importance of an area of criminal law that is normally put in the same category as other white-collar crimes. However, you and other South Carolina residents may find the differences between white-collar crime and its sensationalized counterpart interesting.

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