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Pink-collar crime – yes, it is a thing

On Behalf of | Apr 1, 2019 | Firm News |

The term “pink-collar crime” is familiar to fans of the hit CBS show of the same name, but a trendy title does not lessen the importance of an area of criminal law that is normally put in the same category as other white-collar crimes. However, you and other South Carolina residents may find the differences between white-collar crime and its sensationalized counterpart interesting.

Gender is the main differing factor separating white-collar crime from pink-collar crime, according to Forbes. While the alleged criminal activities – money laundering, embezzlement and fraud – are similar, the motives behind the activities, the emotional impact felt by the accused and even the repercussions after they serve time tend to be vastly different. For example, men may get involved in embezzlement, Ponzi schemes and similar activities for the status, the sense of power and even the thrill of it.

Reasons women may commit a pink-collar crime

On the other hand, many women convicted of typical white-collar crimes said they did so out of desperation. They may have faced overwhelming financial difficulties or family problems, and they hoped to gain financial and family security. Often, they did not intend to get caught in a cycle of repeated embezzlement or betray employer trust. After serving their time, many women admitted to feeling deep remorse and were committed to educating others so they would not make the same mistakes.

Defense regardless of the reason

14 times more incarcerated women exist in U.S. jails today than there were in 1970. Many serve time for what is traditionally known as white-collar crime. They are often accountants, bookkeepers, PTA volunteers, school board members and other women employed in positions of financial trust. It is important to remember that no matter the cause, everyone deserves a competent, fair and compassionate defense.