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Handling juvenile drug charges in South Carolina

On Behalf of | Mar 30, 2023 | Drug Charges |

Facing drug charges as a juvenile can be a complex and daunting experience for the accused and their families. Every case is unique, but it generally means going into battle to protect a child’s freedom and future.

Fortunately, in South Carolina, there are options families can consider to minimize the fallout of this difficult situation.

Legal representation

Juveniles accused of a drug crime have the right to legal representation, and it is essential to ensure that they receive proper help when facing criminal charges. An experienced attorney may guide them through the process so that they understand the charges and consequences. They can work together to develop a strong defense.

The Youthful Offender Act

The Youthful Offender Act is one of the unique features of South Carolina’s juvenile justice system. This law allows judges to sentence juveniles under the age of 17 up to age 25 as youthful offenders. Although not all cases are eligible for this treatment, the law offers the possibility of reduced sentences and the opportunity for rehabilitation if your child is facing non-violent drug charges.

Diversion programs

Diversion programs aim to hold juveniles accountable for their actions without going through the formal court process. Completing these programs can lead to reduced charges or even a case dismissal. Greenville has several diversion programs, including community service, counseling and drug courts.

Juvenile detention centers

Juvenile detention centers in Greenville can provide a safe and secure environment for juveniles charged with drug offenses. These centers supply education, counseling and other services to help young offenders turn their lives around. Juvenile detention centers also work closely with families and the community to ensure these minors can return to society with all the support they need.

Handling juvenile drug charges in South Carolina can be a challenging experience. But knowing about these options and working with an attorney can help families overcome legal obstacles and focus on moving forward.