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13 arrests in drug raids

On Behalf of | Feb 25, 2020 | Drug Charges |

Thirteen people in South Carolina are facing drug charges after a series of raids that took place over a two-day period in Florence County. The county sheriff’s office issued a press release saying that its narcotics division carried out a number of search warrants in various areas of the county, especially in rural locations near Florence, Johnsonville and Coward. Police searched six different properties as well as stopped vehicles searching for drugs.

Police said that they arrested 13 people on felony drug charges, including distribution of methamphetamine, trafficking of methamphetamine, distribution of crack cocaine, possession of cocaine with intent to distribute and possession of marijuana with intent to distribute. They also claimed to have seized drugs, cash and firearms, including 74 grams of meth, 27 grams of cocaine, 4 pounds of marijuana and 37 prescription pills for controlled substances. They reportedly seized $5,490 in cash as well as small-caliber firearms of various types. While police arrested 10 men and three women, they also said that they were still searching for one more man, asking for public tips.

Police called the raids “Operation Knock Knock” and said that they planned to continue similar raids in the future, noting that they were targeting distributors of drugs in South Carolina communities. Many people may be arrested in drug raids, including people with peripheral or no connection to actual drug distribution, especially if they share a home with people involved in the drug trade. Police may also pressure people arrested in drug raids to provide additional information about other individuals.

A conviction on drug charges can lead to serious consequences like jail time or a felony criminal record that can interfere with employment, education and housing. A criminal defense attorney may help people accused of drug offenses to protect their rights and work to challenge police overreach or unreliable evidence.