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Man sentenced in robbery and murder case

On Behalf of | Nov 16, 2018 | Violent Crimes |

On Nov. 8, a 20-year-old man was sentenced in a case connected to the robbery of a KFC in South Carolina. He was facing charges of possession of a stolen gun, first degree burglary, seven counts of possessing a weapon during a violent crime, eight counts of kidnapping, eight counts of armed robbery and murder. He may serve 50 years in prison.

The incident occurred on March 31, 2017. The man, along with another 20-year-old man, reportedly robbed a KFC where several employees were held at gunpoint, and the man shot the manager three times. The man who was sentenced was unable to open the safe and kicked the manager, who later died. His accomplice robbed the manager.

The pair were caught on surveillance video. A neighbor found a mask and a revolver outside his house that matched what was seen in the video, and investigators used DNA samples to located the man’s accomplice. The man was taken into custody on April 7 at the home he shared with his accomplice, but his accomplice fled. Police found cash, latex gloves and the murder weapon at the scene. The man was also convicted of robbing convenience stores and other restaurants. His accomplice was sentenced to 40 years without early release or parole.

People who are facing charges for violent crimes may want to consult an attorney about challenging some of the evidence. For example, it might be possible to demonstrate that an eyewitness is unreliable. DNA and other evidence may be handled or analyzed incorrectly. The attorney might also look at whether the person’s rights were violated at any point during the investigation or while being taken into custody. This might mean throwing out evidence or dismissing the entire case.

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