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Restaurant owner faces tax evasion charges

On Behalf of | Sep 6, 2018 | White Collar Crimes |

The owner of Jackson’s Southern Kitchen in South Carolina is facing charges of tax evasion related to underreporting income on sales tax returns. He is alleged to have omitted $2.7 million in sales, which means that he evaded paying $213,000 in sales taxes. A sign posted at the Sunset Boulevard establishment said that it was closed because of unforeseen circumstances and would reopen soon.

The man had been taken to Lexington County Detention Center where he was eventually bonded out. He faces a fine of $10,000 and five years in prison for each of the four counts against him. A statement from the South Carolina Department of Revenue said that taking action against those who don’t pay taxes means others won’t have to pay more.

Failing to pay taxes or engaging in other types of white-collar crime could result in criminal charges. The penalties associated with these charges may include jail or prison time, a fine or both. Those who fail to pay taxes may have personal or business assets liquidated in an effort to pay the debt owed. Individuals who have been charged with a white-collar or other type of crime may benefit from seeking the counsel of an attorney.

Legal counsel could help a client create a defense to the charge. For instance, an attorney may argue that a defendant made an honest mistake when reporting revenue or otherwise didn’t intend to defraud anyone. Legal counsel could also assert that a defendant was coerced or otherwise compelled into taking an action that was illegal. This may help a defendant obtain a plea deal or another favorable outcome.