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What is the Confrontation Clause?

A significant part of a trial is the testimony of witnesses who saw you commit the criminal activity of which you are accused, or who have other relevant information. Witnesses may be beneficial when they are there to help your cause but can be harmful when they are there on the behalf of the prosecution. For this reason, the Sixth Amendment of the Constitution includes a provision called the Confrontation Clause that states you have the right to confront face-to-face the witnesses testifying against you.

How juror selection works in South Carolina

If you are called for jury service in the state of South Carolina, it can be helpful to understand the process by which juries are selected so that you know what to expect when you get there. If you've been charged with a criminal offense in the state, understanding jury selection becomes even more important, because when you understand the process better, you may also be better equipped to participate in your own defense. Here is what you need to know about the process.

How DNA evidence gets compromised

If there has been one innovation that has quickly redefined the way that the criminal justice system conducts its business over the last thirty years, it has been the advent of DNA evidence and the forensic investigation methods used to unearth it. Not only has this new scientific field revolutionized the way that evidence is handled, analyzed, and weighed in courtrooms around the country, it has also captured the public imagination, with countless TV shows and movies that cover its controversies, facts, and methods in ways that are always enthusiastic, even if they are not always as accurate as they could be.

Ponzi Schemes: What they are, why they matter

High-rolling lifestyles can be very appealing. People with large incomes can afford to bankroll projects, fund charities and even help siblings and friends with monetary gifts. Generosity not only looks good, it genuinely feels good. But what happens when someone goes too far, too fast, in chasing a financial dream?

Understanding RICO

Regardless of their political affiliation, most Americans can say that Donald Trump is not a boring presidential candidate. Aware of American interests, media outlets have tapped into this sentiment. Seeking to boost viewership, news outlets have capitalized on the buzz that follows Trump on the campaign trail by reporting on the latest tweets, past revelations or policy updates the candidate provides. For those fearing a vacuum in the media after the presidential election, Trump's presence is guaranteed to linger after the votes have been tallied due to his impending trial in California.

School your child on the impact of a drug conviction

In the midst of this new academic year, students attending classes in area colleges and universities have a few weeks before the flood of midterm exams begins to swell. Many students use the quiet period before mid semester tests to prepare for upcoming examinations while others busy themselves partying. For those choosing the latter activity over the former, they would do well to familiarize themselves with the conditions of their school loans.

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