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How video recordings can help your DUI case

South Carolina courts want to make certain that the residents officers are pulling off the streets are completely guilty of driving under the influence. If you ever become the defendant of a DUI case, the prosecution will not hesitate to take any form of evidence that can prove you were operating a vehicle while drunk.

How simple mistakes may be viewed as criminal acts

As the federal income tax deadline has passed, you may not be feeling the pressure filing for an extension if you haven’t filed a return. For those who fear the power of the federal government, procrastination only breeds fear and desperation. And this could lead to questionable choices in the future.

Mail versus wire: Understanding fraud charges and penalties

Fraud is defined as wrongful or criminal deception intended to result in financial or personal gain for the deceiver. Fraudulent acts involve misrepresentation, falsified information or deceit to gain a commodity or something of value. In criminal law, fraud offenses are most commonly associated with mail and wire fraud, both of which are federal crimes.

The law and facial recognition software

Most people are familiar with Facebook’s facial recognition software. When a friend uploads a picture, it’s common for Facebook to ask its users: is this you? The user gets to decide if they are “tagged,” but it’s still worth noting that a computer just identified a human individual from a picture. Some companies are taking facial recognition software to the real world. The CaliBurger chain in California has used it to let customers pay via their loyalty accounts. All they have to do is “sign in” by looking at a kiosk.

Can you face DUI arrest if your BAC is lower than legal limit?

The penalties for a DUI can range depending on the specific circumstances. You may only face misdemeanor charges for a first-time offense in South Carolina as long as the behavior did not result in any property or physical damage. However, a first offense can lead to an indefinite suspension of the person's driver's license if he or she had a blood alcohol concentration higher than 0.15, which is well above the legal limit.

Embezzlement charges often accompany crimes against IRS

Often, the commission of one crime in South Carolina also implicates other crimes. When a person embezzles money from an employer or organization, the activity tends to require hiding that newfound money from the Internal Revenue Service. Thus, an embezzler may not report this income, however illegally obtained, on his or her income taxes.

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