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Can you really face drug charges for sharing prescription drugs?

On Behalf of | Jul 28, 2022 | Drug Charges |

Most people are aware that it’s probably not a good idea to share your prescription drugs with another person, particularly narcotics. Opioid medications can trigger unforeseen severe and dangerous side effects if taken by another person. A person can also exhibit allergic reactions by taking the drug simply because it interacts with other medications they are taking at the time.

But it’s not just the health hazards associated with sharing your prescription drugs with someone else; there are legal consequences as well.

A possible scenario

If the person possessing your prescription drugs is caught by authorities, you could face drug charges. But, you may ask, how likely is this to happen?

Let’s say, for instance, the individual you gave the bottle to containing the drugs leaves it on the passenger seat of their car inadvertently. They hop in, drop it next to their water bottle, wallet or pack of gum, and drive off.

Later that person gets pulled over by a cop for a serious offense, like drunk or reckless driving. If the officer legally seizes the bottle, he could made deductions and a trail could lead to you.

Facing a drug charge is nothing to take lightly. Not only are short term repercussions involved, like fines and jailtime, but you could also face negative consequences involving rental opportunities and employment down the line.