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How can the intent to distribute be established?

On Behalf of | May 11, 2022 | Drug Charges |

Being charged with drug possession in South Carolina may be only the start of your trouble. You may go on to be hit with any number of additional charges that are related to the case. One of them may be the intent to not only possess but also distribute a drug. You can expect this you are caught with drugs in bulk.

A large quantity is needed to raise suspicion

One of the most common drug charges that a defendant can receive in South Carolina is intent to distribute. The suspicion that you are attempting to proceed to the distribution of dangerous drugs can be established in several ways. The most obvious is that you were found with too much to be using all on your own.

You may also have been found with a large amount of money that you can’t seem to account for. This will be all the more suspicious if you don’t have a job that pays a larger than normal salary. You may also be discovered in the vicinity of materials that can be used for the packing and distribution of drugs.

Possession to distribute can’t always be proved

It should be pointed out that the mere fact that you have been arrested on drug charges doesn’t mean you are guilty. Suspicion of your intent to distribute does not mean an automatic conviction. The authorities will still have to prove that you definitely had the intent to commit this act.

The timing of your arrest may prove to be an issue that can work in your favor. Someone may claim that you are due to receive 10 kilograms of heroin. But if you are arrested before you gain access to the drugs, you can’t be charged with possession in order to distribute.