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Steps for turning yourself into law enforcement

On Behalf of | Apr 14, 2022 | White Collar Crimes |

When you want to turn yourself in to the authorities, it’s not always as quick and straightforward as it seems. You may be part of an ongoing investigation that could result in your release from jail or prison. If you expect to spend a long time behind bars in South Carolina, you have to know exactly what to expect.

Review the penalties

First, research the civil and criminal penalties for your specific crime. You should never make assumptions about how minor or serious your punishment will be. Many people erroneously believe that white-collar offenses are less severe than violent crimes. However, white-collar crimes may carry more severe penalties if they affect large amounts of people across state lines; these crimes are often prosecuted federally.

Compile your defense team

Put together your criminal defense team to consult before your arrest. An attorney should go over the necessary steps of turning yourself in and inform you of all of your rights. Talking to an attorney helps ensure that you receive a fair sentencing.

Prepare for waitlists

Prepare to wait around for results that could take several weeks or months. You could be sitting in jail for months and not have the privilege of making bail. Plan how you should receive your most essential personal items, such as prescription medications.

It’s not as easily done as on TV

Turning yourself in to the police is not as straightforward as it’s seen on TV. Every correctional system has a different set of procedures to follow for different types of crimes. Plan what you need to do and who you need to talk to during this difficult process.