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How synthetic drugs are interfering with drug trials

On Behalf of | Jan 4, 2021 | Criminal Defense |

In recent years, a growing number of drug manufacturers have started selling synthetic forms of marijuana. Synthetic drugs have been known to cause overdoses and fatalities to the people who use them. These synthetic drugs also created another complication: they’ve made it more difficult for prosecutors to convict people for selling illegal drugs.

How are synthetic drugs affecting drug cases?

When the prosecutor is dealing with illegal drugs, it’s not hard to prove that the defendant knew they were breaking the law. But when the defendant was selling synthetic drugs, the law becomes a lot more complicated. Many synthetic drugs aren’t technically listed as illegal substances. Prosecutors can still bring drug charges against people who sell synthetic drugs, but they have to prove that the individuals knew they were selling a product that’s similar to the real thing.

To stay ahead of the law, many manufacturers alter the chemical makeup of their products so that they’re not technically illegal. If they’re not selling banned substances, it’s difficult for prosecutors to prove that the individuals committed a crime. Their product might be similar to marijuana, but “similar” doesn’t have a concrete definition. Many cases haven’t even gone to trial because the prosecutors couldn’t build a rock-solid case against the individuals.

In recent years, the Drug Enforcement Agency has started creating a list of materials that are used to create synthetic drugs. However, this list has not been released to the public. Critics claim that the DEA should release the list to ensure that people are being fairly prosecuted. Otherwise, the DEA might be able to prosecute people for selling substances that aren’t illegal.

What should you do if you’re charged with a drug crime?

If you’re being charged with selling, possessing or manufacturing illegal drugs, your entire life might be on the line. A conviction could result in jail time, massive fines and other disciplinary measures. You might be facing drug charges, but you have rights just like anyone else. An attorney may be able to hold the prosecution accountable if they violated your rights at any time during the process.