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Police search business, seize drugs and cash and arrest 3 men

On Behalf of | Jul 30, 2020 | Criminal Defense |

Police arrested three men on drug charges after conducting a search and seizure operation at a business in Greenwood County on May 6. A team of law enforcement agencies executed the search warrant at the building located at 900 Edgefield Street.

Drug, weapon and cash seizures

Information provided by the Greenwood County Sheriff’s Office detailed the items taken by law enforcement during the search. According to police reports, 8 pounds of marijuana were found in the building along with 133 grams of methamphetamine, 5 grams of powder cocaine and 2 grams of crack cocaine. Officers also collected a significant quantity of cash, three guns and six vehicles.

Coordinated police effort

The sheriff’s office collaborated with the Greenwood City Crime Suppression Unit, local police department and county SWAT team to complete the search. After the raid, the sheriff announced that local law enforcement did not tolerate narcotics distribution.

3 men awaiting criminal charges

Police officers took three men into custody after completing their search of the business. Specific information about their criminal charges has not yet become available.

Multiple criminal charges likely

Prosecutors typically apply as many criminal charges as they can possibly justify after the conclusion of a search and seizure operation. Cases involving a large quantity of drugs and weapons may also involve federal criminal charges. When you find yourself in a complicated and high stakes situation after a drug raid, you may want to learn about your rights before speaking with investigators or entering a plea in court. Criminal defense attorneys serve people confronted by the possibility of prison. An attorney knowledgeable about defenses for state and federal drug charges might provide you with unbiased recommendations about how to respond. Without legal advice, you may have to make decisions based only on what a prosecutor’s office tells you.