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January 2020 Archives

South Carolina woman sentenced for poisoning her husband

A 53-year-old South Carolina woman was sentenced to spend 25 years in prison on Jan. 16 after pleading guilty to voluntary manslaughter. The woman originally faced a raft of charges including homicide for poisoning her husband in July 2018. The judge who handed down the sentence said that he took the victim's suffering into consideration. The man was poisoned with eye drops over a period of three days.

When does a tip become insider trading?

Investing in the stock market is always a risk. The market changes from day to day. If you follow the market each day, you may bite your fingernails if your investment begins to sink or celebrate if your stocks rise. Wouldn't it be great if you could know when a stock price was going to go up or down so you could make your trades accordingly?

Understanding embezzlement charges

You may have seen movies where a slick financier uses his skill and charm to embezzle money from an employer or from trusting investors. Hollywood may glorify these acts, but in real life, it is not so glamorous. In fact, if you are facing charges of embezzlement from your employer, your life may feel anything but glamorous.

Man accused of kidnapping and beating women

A 25-year-old South Carolina man was accused of kidnapping two women on two separate occasions. The first charge was filed after the man was brought into custody for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend over a two-day period and taking her cellphone so that she couldn't call for help. When the man was released on bail, he allegedly got rid of a GPS monitor that he was wearing.

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