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June 2019 Archives

Law enforcement forces suspects to release passwords

When police arrested a Florida man for marijuana trafficking violations, they allegedly discovered possibly incriminating information on the defendant's cell phone. Since the phone was locked, officers demanded that the defendant release his password, but the defendant refused. While police are required to get a warrant to search a cell phone, it's not clear whether or not they have the power to force someone to give up their password. There varying rulings in jurisdictions from South Carolina to California.

Social media neighborhood apps raise undue alarm about crime

Residents of South Carolina can increasingly monitor their neighborhoods, connect with neighbors and report suspicious activity at the touch of a button. Community-oriented social media applications, like Nextdoor, Citizen and Amazon's Ring, have attracted many users. Critics assert that the applications encourage people to engage in racist stereotyping and create unnecessary fears about public safety.

How to avoid a pharmacy audit

Opioid abuse is a real crisis in America. Due to the soaring rates of addiction and overdose, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services declared the epidemic an emergency for public health in 2017 and created a plan to increase education, support and safety.

4 key elements of an embezzlement charge

Anyone facing an embezzlement charge in South Carolina should not overlook the seriousness of the matter. Without a proper defense, the prosecution can present evidence and statements to escalate the allegations into a white-collar criminal conviction. An arrest alone is not necessarily enough to cause long-term damage to a promising career, but an embezzlement criminal conviction can create insurmountable challenges in life. 

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