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Have you been accused of check fraud?

On Behalf of | May 29, 2017 | Criminal Defense |

Computer technology has made check fraud schemes increasingly easy to pull off for criminals. For example, with desktop publishing, it is possible to copy and manipulate documents of all kinds to the perpetrator’s advantage. On the other hand, someone could simply steal into your home or car and make off with some blank checks.

The point is, there are several ways to go about this sort of crime, and sometimes innocent people are caught up in the circumstances. If you have been wrongly accused of check fraud, you should contact an experienced criminal defense attorney without delay.

The usual types of check fraud

Forgery is a common example of check fraud. It can occur when an employee issues a check to him or herself without authorization, or when someone steals a check, endorses it and presents it for payment. There is also counterfeiting, which is often accomplished nowadays with the help of a computer, a scanner, some sophisticated software and a good laser printer. Criminals who are computer geeks find this kind of fraud amazingly easy.

Fraud that requires a bit more work

Alteration is another fraudulent activity which involves modifying the information and handwriting on a check with the use of chemicals and solvents, such as brake fluid, bleach or acetone. Check kiting is the process of opening checking accounts at two or more financial institutions and using the float between available funds in order to create fraudulent balances. Paperhanging is yet another procedure that involves writing checks on closed accounts.

Seeking legal assistance

In a case involving fraud, there is usually a great deal of investigation to do before actually filing charges. The first point in your favor is that you are a person of good character and have no criminal record. You insist that you are not to blame for check fraud, and your attorney will work diligently to support your claim and prove your innocence.